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Monday, 22 July 2013

Thank Your Body

Those who live in the past feel depressed, those who live in the future feel anxious, but those who can master the skill of living in the present feel peace. This is a skill I wish to master because I am constantly moving from the past to the future and in these thoughts I lose myself completely. I lose time, I lose a sense of self, I lose my mind eventually and I am left with nothing.

I was talking to my grandma the other day, and she mentioned an idea that I've thought about many times, and have actually also experienced. It's the idea of being aware and present. To remind yourself that when you are looking at a tree, it's not just an image, but it's right there in front you, moving, living, connecting with its environment. Or when your hand touches your face, it's not by accident, but it's something that you made it do, and it's your hand that touches your skin. There is so much enjoyment in thinking about these images and actions, that otherwise seem trivial, with full consciousness. In that moment, you don't think about anything but the fact that you're moving, and breathing, and you're here. That in itself is something to feel peaceful about. The next minute no longer matters, and everything that's happened in the past no longer matters.

I would recommend this to everyone. Take a bit of time in your day to make yourself aware again. It's an amazing accomplishment to simply be. Sometimes I think about the biological effort my body makes every fraction of a second to breath, to have my heart beat, to exist. These are all taken for granted, when they should be appreciated. It's important to take time to thank your body for working so hard. I don't do that enough, well hardly ever to be honest, but I have days when it hits me and I am thankful for those days the most.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Friend Who Kills

Time nurtures and heals
With each breath it steals
For it is a ruthless companion
In its continuous pursuit 
Of ticking life away
From dreamers
Leading life astray
From believers
Making hopefuls hopeless
The strongest become boneless
But perhaps time has compassion
For as it ticks, it so happens
To take the pain away
From the broken 
Erase the stain 
That's unspoken
Ruthless, but truthful
A friend to those who need less of it
An enemy to those who stress from it
For it is always there for us to use 
And yet, always there for us to lose 
A friend who kills, but still a friend
A ruthless companion to the end