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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

✨Side of the Road✨
Waiting by the side of the road
Watching the world pass ahead 
In search of an adventure to come
In search of stories I've read.
Have a thirst that goes beyond
Skin-deep love we've come to know. 
I've been called idealistic 
More times than I care to show.
But I chose to keep the fire alive 
For I've felt deep love on the side of the road. 
It's in the waiting, that all is revealed
The love and adventures which lie in our souls.
In the waiting, is where we see
That there is no need for us to wait 
The whole world is within us
The path, itself, is our fate.
No need for a destination
For the one with a lightened heart
No false expectations made
When you're content where you are.
So come, sit down and share with me 
This still view of cars to pass
We can wait together, side by side
For as long as the waiting lasts.
Let's fall in love with this moment
Let the love selflessly explode 
Because the universe, believe it or not,
Lies right here, by the side of the road 💛

Monday, 16 January 2017

Conversation With Myself

Looks like you want a bit of a shake
Someone to tell you your mistakes
But what if I told you that you already know
Exactly where you're meant to grow
Cuz no one's gonna come and save you
You gotta pick up the pieces and mend your own bruise
The way I see it is that people walk side by side
Trying to become better by lowering their pride
No one can do it for another cuz that's the game
And when shit gets tough, there's no one to blame
The answers to your problems are already there
Not hidden in a single person, but out and bare
You don't need to manipulate, just open your eyes
It's so much simpler than any of us realize
Love is the beauty in all of the chaos
And it lies in every single one of us
When you can find that love within yourself
You don't need it from anybody else
It no longer becomes a type of currency
To divide and exchange and share "fairly"
But an unconditional fountain of light
A never ending flow that shines out with might
Given to anyone who crosses your path
Whether their presence does or doesn't last
Because it will no longer be given to be returned
Love's all around, the choice is yours to be burned
So the question is: will you open your heart
And lower your pride
Let the light seep deep inside?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Anxiety, My Lover

Anxiety comes to me in shortness of breath, as I find myself gasping for air [that is polluted with lost dreams and hopes.]

He comes to me with a sudden rapid beating in my chest, and for a moment I lose myself [as I feel the walls caving in on my heart, squeezing it for every last bit of light it has left.]

He, the lover that has been with me for so long. 

He, who has gazed into my tired eyes and [selfishly] said “I will always be there.” 

He, who has caused my fingers to shake.

He, who has taught me the meaning of peace [only in his absence.]

He turns my excited butterflies into blind bats slamming against walls because they need to escape. 

And I invite him back every time because I can’t let go. I’m anxious without my lover, Anxiety. Who am I without him? 

He who comes to me when I’m at my loneliest, but at least he comes to me. 

By: Banafshé Eshragi

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sunless Sunny Days

I miss you in the sunniest of days
For your face is reflected in the light
And each time makes my heart sink
To think, to this view, you are blind

How cold your bed must be
And your company, the icy stones
Statues that have guarded the gates
To make sure that no one comes or goes..

I admit that at times I envy you
 So still, quiet and uninterrupted
Forever in your bed of soil
Decaying in body, but in mind not corrupted

And yet, I do wish we could both
Together, breathe in this breathtaking view
But with you breathless, and me, alone
Instead I am reminded of you

Forever in your stagnant condition
Stuck in the dead of winter's tear
Unable to share this warmth with me
Unable to see that spring is near

The earth is transformed once again
With splashes of colour hit by sun rays
But the beauty of it all passes me by
For I miss you the most in the sunniest of days

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Mind is a Tyrant (incomplete)

This mind of mine torments me, for what it finds to be of importance, my heart wants to forget. The heart longs to be set free, but it is weighed down by images that present themselves with no empathy, sounds that echo continuously, smells that present the images once more. Bombarded with a past that the heart longs to forget, for the heart cannot see, hear or smell. Nor can it touch, yet it can be touched. It does not store the past, but can only do so with the help of the tortuous mind.

Imagine a heart on its own. How free it would be, if it could be in the moment; if it could love and forget all the love it has lost? To have the memory of a goldfish in a tank. Everything would be something to explore once again. What do our experiences really teach us when they differ every time they occur, when the core of who we are remains the same? We learn to carry the emotional baggage but seldom really change ourselves. Yes the mind loves to play mind games and as it is masochistic, it is its own number one victim, and the heart, its second.

Monday, 30 December 2013


How difficult it is to let go completely
When I still hear your laugh echoing in my head
And I long for a reply to a post I wrote
I long for the phone calls that would never end
I keep going over our last everythings
Angry that I thought there would be more to spare
Sorry that I acted like we had forever
Even selfish, at times, to not really care
And now...
And now time cannot erase
Though the mind begs it to
What was or wasn't said and done
So the only choice left to do
Is let go of you
But how difficult it is to let go completely
When your laughter still echoes..

Monday, 14 October 2013

Miley Cyrus: Yes I'm even talking about her.

It won't be what you expect so give this article a chance! Miley Cyrus has been all over the news lately, with every self-important asshole (including me) weighing in on her actions and what it all means for future generations. However I, unlike most of the self-important assholes out there, think she's hitting the right nervous buttons, which is why everyone is talking about her. The truth is that we are still living in a society that doesn't view men and women to be sexually equal. It is amazing how many people I saw on Facebook post Sinead O'Conner's "Open Letter to Miley," which essentially calls her a prostitute and assumes that all executive decisions about Miley's career are made by older pedophiles. That's a bit unfair, isn't it?

Is it really hard for our society to think that perhaps a twenty year old girl chooses to openly show her sexuality and be unapologetic for it? Why must there always be an older predatory man behind it all. I'm not saying that the music business isn't jaded and that, unfortunately, this kind of thing doesn't happen where younger girls are abused and thrown away when they are no longer relevant. Of course it does. But the point is that people are so quick to assume that that must be the case in every situation, because girls are known as innocent beings who cannot possibly possess a need to be openly sexual unless forced into doing so. 

What is more amusing is that all of this talk about her sexuality came about from a performance that wasn't even all that sexual. She wore the most outrageous outfit with the silliest hair, and somehow that made her into a whore? I doubt she was going for "sexy."  Now imagine a naked guy with the same hair and silly bear outfit. Why is that funny, but Miley's rendition of it is sexual? It's incredibly sad that a woman gets so much scrutiny for her actions, especially when it has to do with her taking chances, and being a bit outrageous. Not all women have to be classy, nor do they have to be covered up completely or naked completely, they don't have to be apologetic, or humble, or submissive, or dominant, or or or...

The idea of equality isn't about making a mold of a woman that is ideal for one person. It's about allowing room for all of the different possibilities without looking down upon them. It's about letting people figure themselves out without forcing them into a category of "right" or "wrong", especially when it has to do with self-identity.