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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sunless Sunny Days

I miss you in the sunniest of days
For your face is reflected in the light
And each time makes my heart sink
To think, to this view, you are blind

How cold your bed must be
And your company, the icy stones
Statues that have guarded the gates
To make sure that no one comes or goes..

I admit that at times I envy you
 So still, quiet and uninterrupted
Forever in your bed of soil
Decaying in body, but in mind not corrupted

And yet, I do wish we could both
Together, breathe in this breathtaking view
But with you breathless, and me, alone
Instead I am reminded of you

Forever in your stagnant condition
Stuck in the dead of winter's tear
Unable to share this warmth with me
Unable to see that spring is near

The earth is transformed once again
With splashes of colour hit by sun rays
But the beauty of it all passes me by
For I miss you the most in the sunniest of days

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Mind is a Tyrant (incomplete)

This mind of mine torments me, for what it finds to be of importance, my heart wants to forget. The heart longs to be set free, but it is weighed down by images that present themselves with no empathy, sounds that echo continuously, smells that present the images once more. Bombarded with a past that the heart longs to forget, for the heart cannot see, hear or smell. Nor can it touch, yet it can be touched. It does not store the past, but can only do so with the help of the tortuous mind.

Imagine a heart on its own. How free it would be, if it could be in the moment; if it could love and forget all the love it has lost? To have the memory of a goldfish in a tank. Everything would be something to explore once again. What do our experiences really teach us when they differ every time they occur, when the core of who we are remains the same? We learn to carry the emotional baggage but seldom really change ourselves. Yes the mind loves to play mind games and as it is masochistic, it is its own number one victim, and the heart, its second.