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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

✨Side of the Road✨
Waiting by the side of the road
Watching the world pass ahead 
In search of an adventure to come
In search of stories I've read.
Have a thirst that goes beyond
Skin-deep love we've come to know. 
I've been called idealistic 
More times than I care to show.
But I chose to keep the fire alive 
For I've felt deep love on the side of the road. 
It's in the waiting, that all is revealed
The love and adventures which lie in our souls.
In the waiting, is where we see
That there is no need for us to wait 
The whole world is within us
The path, itself, is our fate.
No need for a destination
For the one with a lightened heart
No false expectations made
When you're content where you are.
So come, sit down and share with me 
This still view of cars to pass
We can wait together, side by side
For as long as the waiting lasts.
Let's fall in love with this moment
Let the love selflessly explode 
Because the universe, believe it or not,
Lies right here, by the side of the road 💛