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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

To Love a Black Bird

He was sitting on a bench in the park
His favorite bench to sit on when it got dark
A chance to get away from home and her
A chance to escape and be alone from her
Surrounded by the silence of the night
Each crisp exhale made him feel light
He could look at the stars and the soft moon
Take comfort in uniting with them soon
But such a shame to have to say goodbye
Each night to this vibrant view of a starry sky
For it was on one of these escapades
That his restless heart, its decision made
Set on a black bird with feathers that embraced
The wind, and with its wide wings it graced
The wind, and as soon as he saw it fly
It was a love that he could not deny
The pang of his heart hurt his chest
From his heart, this black bird, took the best
And he willingly gave himself away
His soul to soar with her, for it wouldn't stay
She caused the breeze on his face 
She caused his knees to lose their place
And just as she had come with a single blink
She took off swiftly as she spread her wings 
A moment so quick, but it felt like a life time
He thought, "to love a creature that can never be mine"
To love so deeply that he could let go
Of the only love he'd ever know
Print by Nilou Afshar