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Monday, 5 August 2013

One Moment

I have written so many drafts about different topics, but haven't published them because I've gotten it into my head again that I have nothing worth writing about. The truth is that none of us have anything new to contribute to the world. I think the answers are all out there, but it's the information we choose to take in, highlight in our lives, and arrange in combinations that make our need to create unique. So no I have nothing new to contribute to anybody's mind, and certainly not to my own, but writing makes me feel better and I have a way of expressing my thoughts that seems to be somewhat interesting for some people.

However, since I'm quite bored of my own opinion and haven't been reading enough to be motivated to write about anything, I will once again take the easy way out and share another poem. This is an old poem I wrote at least six or seven years ago. I wanted to make a tongue twister, or something like that. I wrote it at the place I used to work (Casa Loma represent!) Enjoy, or don't.

Patty ponders and wonders
How much longer her lover
Will linger onto her finger
Like a string or a bee's stinger?
Wickedly waiting for the delicate destiny
of her final fantasy.
His luscious, delicious and viciously gracious lips locked around
Patty's pouting and wounding and rounding mouth.
Together they are completely obscene and insane
In the most loving way.
Patty's puzzle fits exactly with his lips
And the kiss.. ever lasting, ever grasping, both reflecting

"Nothing's better than this"